mk watch


I can’t afford to go out and have fun with my friends on the weekends. How am I going to make rent? I can’t live without that new Michael Kors watch, but I’ll never have the money.

I could go on forever attempting to guess your thoughts. But it’s simple, for whatever reason, you need more money. While we all wish we could make a million dollars a year, the majority of us will never see that much money. Some will never make a million dollars in their entire lives. But you can make whatever money that you are fortunate enough to take home feel like a million bucks.

Making your money go further is not as difficult as you think. Make a budget. That’s it, that’s the magic trick. Sit down, with a pen and pad and make a budget. Who am I kidding? Take our your laptop or iPad. And make a budget.

It’s simple.

Make a budget.

  1. Write down your monthly income.
  2. Write down your monthly expenses.
  3. Plan to save.
  4. Plan to indulge.
  5. PLAN
  6. Make a budget

Do you see where I’m getting at with this? Do I need to write those three words again? No… I don’t? Ok! I’m done. I swear.

It isn’t rocket science. Be aware of what you make and what you spend. When you really sit down and get the numbers in front of yourself, you will realize you have money to spare.

Up until here I probably made it seem like this was going to be easy. It isn’t. The hardest part about making a budget is sticking to it. To walk into a store and hold back from buying that extra item. The thing you don’t need, but that you really want to treat yourself with. But if you put in the effort to plan, I know you can do it. It’s possible. If you want that extra $100 a month to pile up in your savings account, you can make it happen. Just stick to the plan and stay disciplined.

But, I don’t know. That’s just my two sents.

Start that budget. As basic as it is, just create it and you will be amazed at what you can do. Look out for the next article on budgeting to come soon.  Good luck!