Welcome to mytwosents!  It is hard to know everything about managing your money…that’s why we are here…

At mytwosents we help you tackle current financial issues and learn how to save money, spend money, and earn money.  We are not financial advisers, but rather a helping hand.


Make the most sense of your money, and earn your twosense.

Save– a savvy investor knows how to save. budgeting is key, and starting to put a little away early can help take you to a place of financial tranquility.

Spend-everyone has expenses.  and everyone likes to have a little fun.  and that’s ok!  whether it’s a night out, a new car, or a new house, spending money does not go against financial planning: it works together with it.

Earn– ahhh…we saved the best for last. after understanding how to save and spend, then we start to make money.  correctly synchronizing all three is key to stability, wealth, and most importantly, peace of mind.


Content on this website is presented and believed to be factual and up to date, but we do not 100% guarantee its accuracy. No content should be taken as legal, tax, or accounting advise.  All content on this website is opinion, and should not be used as a financial advisor as mytwosents is not a registered financial/investment advisor.  All investing comes with risk of losing money and at no point does mytwosents solicit or push investors to buy or sell in a certain way.


Save. Spend. Earn

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